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Welcome to Nine Pearls hospital

Our Hospital


Our mission is to improve the quality of life and educating patients about self care with emphasis on preventive practices, and to provide result oriented therapeutic interventions.


To work to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction And develop a community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well being across the life span.

To be trusted by patients as a valued partner in the community to build a healthy and happy life.

To be creators of positive change.

  • Services & Amenities
  • l Neurology Centre
  • l Respiratory Diseases Centre
  • l Digestive Diseases Centre
  • l Cardiology & CVTS Centre
  • l Cancer Centre
  • l Orthopaedics Centre
  • l Critical Care Centre
  • l Kidney & Liver Transplantation
  • l Emergency & Trauma Care
  • l Kidney Diseases Centre

Why Choose

  • Nine Pearls Healthcare?

We are a tertiary care super speciality hospital with the latest equipment and team of doctors with knowledge and skills, available under a single roof, providing quality healthcare at affordable rates, 24/7

Our team is well known for excellent results and the best medical practices for nearly two decades in Nashik and the adjoining periphery. Now, we come together as NPHL to achieve our goal: NINE PEARLS, making lives healthier and happier”

  • Why number 9?

Number 9 is spiritually considered complete, perfect and divine. It represents the end of the cycle in the decimal system, and so we stand here to start a new revolution in the health care system,  delivery methods and patient satisfaction. The Pearls in our symbol are also 9 in number, signifying the 9 planets of the solar system and 9 elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, time, space and soul. Pearl is a symbol of elegance, beauty, purity and everlasting peace.

Looking forward to making life healthier and happier for YOU!